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ChordGen - Chord Progression

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Descrição de ChordGen - Chord Progression

The best chord progression generator for all you musicians is here!

ChordGen is a simple, easy to use application to generate chord progressions.

Beginner musicians can use ChordGen to generate chord progressions with the root note of their choice.

You can find some of the popular chord progression sequences here in all the modern scales and modes.

Use ChordGen to get chord progressions for Piano, Acoustic guitar and Power Chords.

Chordgen also teaches you how to play each of the listed chords in the selected sequence for the particular musical instrument.

With ChordGen upgrade, You can Build your own Chord Progressions in an all easy step by step process. You can save your work and load it at a time later whenever needed. Build your own chord progression with the majors, minors, diminished, dominant, major 7th and minor 7th chords. More chords will be added soon.

You can use Chordgen as a basic level Song writing application to get ideas for your next song!

ChordGen plays the progressions in a loop and hence, can be used as a Backing-Track tool as well. How cool is that !

All you need to do is to pick up a guitar or any other musical instrument, jam on the backing track of your choice!

Get creative with these chord progressions. Get ChordGen for FREE.

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